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"Alexis Kinney’s Susan is cute without becoming saccharine. A pleasure to watch." 

Calamity Jane, Musicals Tonight!

Alix Cohen, Playing Around

"Alexis Kinney, as Alice, was delightful to watch. Her wide-eyed confidence and enjoyable vocal delivery were highlights of the production."

Alice in Wonderland, Stages St. Louis

-Jim Ryan, PlayBack STL

 "Alexis Lauren Kinney is electric as Esperanza, making all her scenes crackle with vitality,"


The Island of No Tomorrows, Multi Stages

-Clifford Lee Johnson III, Backstage

 “[Alexis] is an extraordinary performer whose petite frame makes you wonder how she can possibly have such a powerful voice – but she does and I can’t imagine hearing Dorothy’s music sung more beautifully…”


The Wizard of Oz, Variety Children's Theatre 

-Two on the Asil 

"Alexis Kinney is the astonishing young actress who enacts Mary’s transformation. The character is complex, the score challenging. Kinney’s articulation is excellent. She handles harmonies and intricate counterpoint with apparent ease."


The Secret Garden, Stages St. Louis

-KDHX, Sheila R. Schultz

"Alexis Kinney has been producing a fulsome sound from her diminutive frame for so many years now she should have lost her ability to surprise. Her powerful and affecting singing voice has long been a cause for astonishment. But this past March she pulled off a surprise of jaw-dropping proportions without singing a note. Kinney's portrayal of a young woman suffering from dissociative disorder in Anthony Neilson's acclaimed drama The Wonderful World of Dissocia was stunning. How does any actor find the courage to tap such a deep and dark reservoir of pitiless emotion and then stand emotionally exposed in front of strangers? There was no sense of "performance" here; what occurred onstage was so relentlessly true, a viewer felt like a voyeur to even be watching such pain. This, in an unpublicized senior show directed with imagination and passion by fellow Webster Conservatory student Matt Wills. Although theatergoers always hope for the unexpected, we never know when it will strike. But at evening's end Kinney left the audience feeling numb, exhausted — and exhilarated by the privilege of having attended a play."


The Wonderful World of Dissocia, Webster Conservatory 

- River Front Times, Best of St. Louis

"Always the source of one of the richest performances on a stage, Alexis Kinney perfectly incarnates the winning, waif-like Olive Ostrovsky, ever hoping that at least one of her parents will make it to the competition."


Spelling Bee, Webster Conservatory

- KDHX, Bob Wilcox

"Alexis Kinney is perfectly cast as Alice with her diminutive stature and big, clear voice. She brings a lot of energy to the role, and amidst the chaos that ensues, keeps the show focused on her plight." 


Alice in Wonderland, Stages St. Louis

- Broadway World, Chris Gibson

"Alexis Kinney is riotously funny as Jenny, a Laura Petrie wannabe with her bouncy hairstyle and square nature. Her reaction to smoking marijuana is the comic highlight of the show."










Company, Webster Conservatory

KDHX, Mark Bertz

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